Jackie Tilly
In 2002, at the age of 52, I first picked up a paintbrush
whilst on a cruise. I was hooked! Once home I bought the
necessary water-colour "stuff" and started painting.
Taking two steps forward and one step back I progressed
and in time discovered a love for the canvas and acrylics.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work.

Should you have any comments: j.tilly@talktalk.net

Night Stop(40cmX30cm)

Autumn Beech(70cmX50cm) £75

Icy Windermere(60cmX45cm)

Greek Lighthouse(60cmX40cm) £50

Beck Hole (60cmX50cm)

Waiting for the Signal

Pendle Hill (45cmX60cm)

Winter Moonlight (40cmX30cm)

O sole Mio £40

Sunset SOLD

Carlos Cafe SOLD

Derbyshire Winter SOLD

Daisy Creation SOLD

Moonlight (Roundhay)SOLD


Woodland Waterway SOLD

Pink Venice SOLD

Bamburgh Sunset SOLD

Misty Lake SOLD

Winter SOLD

Buttermere Cumbria SOLD

Canary Wharf SOLD

Riverbank Mooring SOLD

Woodland Lock SOLD

Old River Crossing SOLD

Gondolas SOLD

Drifting SOLD

Grosmont SOLD

Kingswood SOLD

Barrow Hill SOLD

Tuscany SOLD

Headlands SOLD

Snowdonia Winter SOLD

Campervan SOLD

Moons SOLD

Autumn Woods SOLD

Venice Sunset SOLD

Bodelwyddan SOLD

Last Updated May 2012