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We are able to supply Embroidered and Woven badges imported from the far east at very competitive prices.
Lead times are usually 4 to 5 weeks from initial quoting to delivery of the goods.

Our high standards are upheld and we monitor your order from start to finish
and provide an actual sample badge for your approval prior to production.

Below are some example orders to give you an indication of the costs involved.
We pay all import duties and shipping costs

4,000 School Crest Embroidered badges
£0.60p Each
Delivery £6 per order
Excluding VAT

2,000 Tass Olympic 2012 Embroidered badges
£0.70 p Each
Delivery £6 per order
Excluding VAT

2,000 Surrey Wing Embroidered badges
£0.95p Each
Delivery £6 per order
Excluding VAT

500 Shikukai Embroidered badges
£1.10 each
Delivery £6 per order
Excluding VAT

We made a set of 16 Woven Gymnastics Award badges 4,000 in total

Woven Laser cut badge

Woven Laser cut badge

Woven overlocked badge

Woven Award overlocked badges

Woven or Embroidered Badges?

Embroidered badges have more of a raised look to them, while woven badges appear flatter.

Embroidered badges are slightly more expensive than woven badges

Woven badges are better for small detail like the BMC badge above.


What do I do Next?

1. Send us your artwork and quantity you will require and approximate date they are required.
2. We provide you with a quotation.
3. You send us an order (post or e-mail) stating you wish to proceed detailing price and quantity.
4. The sample badge is produced and sent to you within 2 weeks along with our invoice.
5. If the sample is OK payment is now due, and once the payment is received we will produce the full badge order.
6. The badges come to us, we pay the import duty, freight charges etc
7.We Quality check/ count the badges and re-pack for despatch to your UK address usually within 3-4 weeks.

Q & A
Q. How many Badges must I have to get Offshore budget prices?
A.Our budget prices start at 200 pcs.

Q. Can you supply iron-on backing?
A. Yes, for the budget badges iron-on can be applied @ 10p per badge.

Q. Do you supply woven badges?
A. Yes we can also provide woven badges on orders over 200pcs

Long Eaton Embroiderers was formed in 1980 by Jackie & Bruce with son Alan joining in 1992.
We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, honesty and reliability.


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